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Born & raised in Romania until the age of 10, at which point I joined my parents in the U.S. which fled the country a couple of years before because of it's Communist state.  Graduated high school in 1998, and shipped out 15 days later to start Basic Training at Fort Knox for the 3 years that I joined to serve in the U.S. ARMY.

      My first camera I ever bought was in 2000 while on my peace keeping tour to Bosnia.  Although only a DSLR-like point & shoot, I was always pushing the limits with it.   After realizing that  I was being limited  by any point & shoot that i could get, I soon stepped up to professional gear,  

      I strive to be the best that I can be, and am one who's goals are high with all that I do.  With that said, as soon as I knew that  Photography is what I wanted to do, I quit my regular job, which at the time was Graphic Design, and I concentrated all my efforts towards becoming a better photographer.  I am self taught, and the photographers that I look up to differ in style greatly, because I appreciate anything that is interesting & different, and that way I don't necessarily have a certain style.   I think that's what sets me apart from most photographers.  

      I'm very technical with everything that I do, so adapting to different situations is very easy for me to do.  Because I use lighting very much as a tool,  I  am able to change my style to what the client needs.